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Amy Tan (CEA Reg. No.: R013948G)

Amy Tan (CEA Reg. No.: R013948G)

Contact Person : Amy Tan      Joined 1 year ago

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Big Congratulations to my teammate Amy Tan
I'm just very proud of you and happy that you overcome many obstacles to get to your closings and achieve your objectives.

Remember all these are by the grace of God. Keep humble, keep patient, keep praying and commit your 2018 goals to God and translate them into action and #justdoit with focus and perseverance.

What was learnt in 2017, whatever mistakes you made that caused you to fall, the important thing is to pick yourself up and review what mistake it was, and learn from it. Not so much to avoid it, but to become wiser to manage them when the situations present themselves again.

You have the gumption, passion and the grit! Having a balanced harmony with work and family and social life is key as well to keep yourself emotionally stable and live a life you love.

I know you have the direction already charted out! Let�s #keepgoing and #keepbelieving.

Such continuous tense in the verbs means it is and it has to be an ongoing effort. 😊 We can Achieve More 📈📊💰💰💰

#ACHIEVEMORE #ERA2018APBC #PreeminentGroup

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ERA offers a brilliant learning platform as leaders and trainers share their experiences selflessly. We are updated about market trends daily to enhance our canvassing and presentation to clients. The community in ERA is vibrant, helpful and dynamic which facilitates internal co-broking.

Furthermore, the plethora of new projects and first-hand information enable us to do lead generation and propose more choices to our clients. The environment is very positive and the Top Achievers set high benchmarks. These motivate me to strive for higher excellence in my real estate career.

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