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QuoteME IT Solution Company enables companies to customise, integrate & implement a complete solution to their operation needs.
No more rocket high price for a software, just pay us our loyalty and customize from our already business ready products!

  • ERP System
    Business made Easy (B.M.E)
  • Jobs (APP)
  • Mobile Apps
    E-commerce, Media & P.O.S (Android & IOS)

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Our Services

E.R.P. System, E-Payroll & H.R.M., Android App, Apple iOS App, Push Notification (App), E-commerce Integration (Stocks Control)

E.R.P. System

Business Made Easy started development in 2015 and had since proven to be easy to use, easy to access, easy to implement, easy to integrate & easy to maintain software. Starting from SGD$49.90 monthly subscription or simply pay us a onetime loyalty (white label program) and start increasing your business.

E- Payroll & H.R.M.

Base on (B.M.E) software, e payroll & HRM had been made simple. We provide a 12 month months IR8A compilation with printout, automated leave application & deduction, employee e contract & performance review module to help you monitor your employee performance.

Android App

Need a better way to find & maintain your customer base? You will need an App! We provide mobile app at a reasonable price with follow up marketing tools like push notification! Websites are passive while mobile app is active!

Apple iOS App

No need to have separated App anymore! We provide one single App for 2 OS! We provide hybrid mobile app at a reasonable price with follow up marketing tools like push notification! Websites are passive while mobile app is active!

Push Notification (App)

Now, with or hybrid mobile app, we provide push notification services at a very reasonable monthly fee! Concentrate on your business and let us handle your push notification marketing!

E-commerce Integration (Stocks Control)

Base on (B.M.E) we have already created a system where you can maintain your stock inventory in one system, no more mismanagement of stocks! Sell on both retail and online today without any worries!

01 Planning

We will look at your company requirements and plan accordingly base on your company needs. We present our solutions and further discuss with your assigned team. Once ready, we will present our quotation for confirmation!

Work will start once all parties agreed to final integration of our solution. 50% payment will be required.

Integration 02
03 Testing

Once all integration & implementation is done, intense testing by involved personal is mandatory required.

Beta version will be launched and we will proceed to recommend follow up proposal for maintenance and upgrading if necessary.

Completion 04

Our Products

Our products are available for white label discussion because we believe in upscaling!

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- For your how to go about issue
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- No pressure. We don't sell products when we do not know what you need.

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Enquiries: enquiries@quoteme.sg

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